Introduce New Foods

Teaching and encouraging children to eat healthy foods for their children is the best way to establish a foundation for good nutrition. Remember that healthy food for kids includes food from all four major food groups. All you need to do is balance dairy, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and grains. Here are some tips to help get you started.

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Introduce new Foods

Do not allow your children get stuck in a rut with food. Do not serve them the same thing over and again. Browse through magazines, books and online for ideas. Every week, they will introduce new combinations and recipes to their favorite foods. Greens are a good place to start. Make new vegetables by dicing them and combining them with their favorite meals, such as pasta, soup, or omelet. Mix it up each week by trying new ways of cooking vegetables with their favorite meals.

Food preparation

Take your kids to the supermarket next time. Encourage them to choose their fruits and vegetables. Inviting children to assist you in cooking healthy food is a great way to get them involved. It doesn’t need to be a high-profile task. They can help prepare the pasta, wash the vegetables and stir the soup. This is a great way for your children to learn basic cooking skills, as well as make cooking fun. Studies show that children are more likely eat the food they helped to prepare.

Eliminate desserts or high-fat food

Moderation is key to healthy food choices for children. It is not necessary to eliminate ice cream or fries entirely from your child’s diet. They will be more inclined to eat these foods if you do. Make sure they understand what’s good for them. There is always room for oily or sugary desserts every now and again. Make sure they understand the importance of smaller portions when eating these types of foods. Or, better yet, find healthy alternatives that allow them to enjoy the same flavors without sacrificing their nutritional value.

Use creativity

We all know that children are easily enticed by visuals, particularly colors. That principle should be applied when you prepare food. When serving your children their meals, make sure to include as many colors as possible. You can even create art with their fruits or vegetables. Invite them along to create the most visually appealing meals. You can already find colorful vegetables and fruits in the grocery store. Only you will need creativity when plating and serving. Kids love dips. You can make a low-fat, delicious vegetable dip that will encourage them to eat your greens and fruit.

Eat your vegetables.

Contrary to popular belief bribing children to eat their vegetables can cause more harm than good. Avoid tempting your children to eat vegetables after dinner with sweetened desserts. This will only create negative food associations, where vegetables are a necessity and desserts are delicious and fun rewards. These negative associations tend to be carried on by children as they grow up. You can encourage them to just eat one bite. Keep trying. You may not love it right away, but they won’t hate it forever.

Healthy eating

This is crucial in teaching your children to eat well. You can set an example and they will remember what your parents say about healthy eating. Make them realize what they have been missing. Enjoy your fruits and vegetables, and let them know how nutritious and delicious it is. If you wish, you can get a little crazy and show off your acting abilities. Children are attentive and curious about their elders. To be a fun-loving, healthy eater as they grow up.

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